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Published: Sunday 29 December, 2013

michael kors outlet store prices michael kors outlet store prices How to Succeed in Jewelry Design Business

QUESTION on How to Succeed in Designing Jewelry:

I have been designing jewelry for a year and a half now and have so many more ideas I can do with it, but I need someone to help me. I desperately want to go bigger but cannot make enough product by myself. Where do I find the help to get me there? Where do I get the help without somebody stealing my idea? Are there labor unions where I can find such people? Example: Kathy Lee Gifford had shops out of the country making her stuff. Or do I have to be rich and famous? How do people such as J. Lo get her own perfume line? Who produces it? Should I patent my idea before somebody gets rich off of my idea? If so, how? I know my stuff could be the next big thing in Hollywood. Should I just start sending some of my stuff to celebrities or morning shows or maybe the president? Or maybe In Style magazine? Will that get me anywhere? I am very motivated and I know I have something big. I just need to know how to do it. Any info would be greatly appreciated.

You raise a lot of questions! I will try to answer the most pressing one first: inexpensive labor. While sweat shops may be popular for certain segments, I wouldn want my business built on one, would you? It sounds like you have a great and unique product. Be certain to ask any workers you hire to sign a noncompete agreement. your work by including some type of signature design a metal clasp with your name on it, etc.. The patent process can take months to years, so it best to make a mark with your design so the original ownership is not up for debate.

As far as marketing your jewelry, it sounds like you have a good start in local shops. Giving away to celebritie michael kors outlet store prices s local and national is also a great idea. You can also send samples to style editors at magazines along with a press release or fact sheet on who you are and how you got started, and any notable successes your michael kors outlet store prices business has had. And if a celeb has been photo michael kors outlet store prices graphed in your design, mention that! Good luck, Danielle. Let us know how it goes.

And by the way: J. Lo got her own perfume line by becoming famous first. Work hard, and we may see your name on the perfume counter soon.

Recommended Books on Starting a Jewelry Business:

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