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Published: Sunday 29 December, 2013

canada goose down coats canada goose down coats How To Shave Your Chest

Whether you are preparing for a body building show, taking before pictures for a new diet/workout you are starting, starting to swim competitively, or are just tired of having a hairy chest you have come to the right place to learn how to shave that unwanted hair off.

Shaving your chest hair off is a lot like shaving your face. In fact most of the advice for shaving your face or beard can be directly applied to shaving your chest. Here are some general guidelines to follow when shaving your chest.

If you have a really hairy chest you will probably want to invest in some clippers. These are pretty cheap and you can get a pair for like $15$20 at Walmart, or you can borrow a friends. This step is optional. If you decide to skip this step it might take an extra 2030 minutes to shave your chest due to your razor getting clogged with hair.

This step is also optional as well. I would recommend taking a hot shower. This will soften the hair on your chest, making it easier for your razor to cut and reducing the amount of irritation.

Lubricate your chest. OK, I realize that sounds a little fruity, but stick with me. There are preshave gels and oils out there. You apply them before you apply the shaving cream. They help reduce the amount of friction between your skin and your razor and reduce irritation.

Apply shaving cream. Use whatever you like to use. You can use the shaving cream out of a can or use shaving soap and apply it with a badger hair brush. It really doesnt matter which one you use its mainly a personal preference.

Flex in front of the mirror and show off your new found definition. Alternatively, you can go to the beach and flex or just walk outside and flex. Bonus points if you flex in front of a man or womanwhatever your preference might be.

Shaving your chest is pretty straight forward. There isnt a whole lot to it. I almost forgot to mention, I always start a canada goose down coats t the top of my chest and work my way down. I tend to go as far as I can until the razor gets clogged. Then I will rinse the razor canada goose down coats out and shift over slightly to the right or left. Once Ive gotten all the hair shaved off at that height, I will move shave lower on my chest.

A final piece of advice would be to only do one stroke between rinsing off. If you start at the top of the chest and do one pass, then bring the razor back up and do a second pass before rinsing off, you are liable to leave hair behind on y canada goose down coats our skin. This can be kind of confusing making you think you missed a spot when in reality you didnt, its just hair that you have already shaved clinging to your skin.. canada goose down coats


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