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Published: Wednesday 04 December, 2013

accessories outlet online accessories outlet online Harvesting Vanguard Gold

Harvesting in Vanguard Saga of Heroes is an easy way to make extra gold. If youre an adventurer, it would be wise to take pick up a harvesting skill early in the game so you can use it to your maximum benefit. You will need to keep your harvesting level along the line of the resources that is available within the areas you are hunting. There are many crafters who has extremely high level crafting but are unable to collect the resources and thus you can make a nice profit selling them the materials you have harvested.

To begin harvesting you will need to find a trainer located in any starting cities or villages. accessories outlet online You can ask a guard for locations if you are unable to find them. The trainer will provide you with a quest in which you will be rewarded with a set of harvesting clothing. You will also be provided with tools before you may begin harvesting. You will only receive the basic tools at first. As your skill level grows you will need to spend some gold and buy new improved tools and clothing from either a trainer or from player crafters. Each job r accessories outlet online equires different tools.

Quarrying is used for stone gems, mining is for metal, lumberjacking is for wood, skinning is for animal hides and reaping is for plants. Those are the five harvesting abilities available in the game. All are great ways of making extra gold. You are also able to choose a primary and secondary skill. Keep in mind of what intentions you have for your skill, such as building a house, boat or crafting some armors. There are 3 types of crafters, accessories outlet online artificers, outfitters and blacksmiths. If you had already chosen your primary and secondary professions you are able to change them later on but at the cost of losing all your experience youve gained in your specialty.

Now that you are fully equipped and ready to run out and harvest. There are resource nodes scattered all over. Trees are found in the forested areas, plants in open plains and fields, stone and metal within rocky areas and you can get animal hides after killing them. This is usually the best part in my opinion. I just enjoy killing things. Upon collecting 20 chunks of a resource you can right click and combine them to save room in your bag. After youve reaced level 100 in each of your skills you will need to speak to your trainer. You will then have to purchase and read a book by the trainer to advance to the next level to harvest better and more valuable resources.

I believe that is all you need to know to start harvesting for some extra Vanguard gold. Be sure to pick up the skill early on the game so you can utilize every bit of the ability to collect as much resources as possible. Making Vanguard gold isnt easy so do it right from the start. Good luck and enjoy.. accessories outlet online


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